About Our Online Store

We, Lara & Daughter's is a fascinated Personal Care Products Player currently and will diversify soon into businesses that will have an vital impact on consumers day-to-day life.Our Personal Care Products under the Brand Name "Neomatin - Hair care range & Youess - Skin care range are available to consumers across online shopping platforms, beauty retail outlets, super markets etc.,

Neomatin – Hair Care Products :

Discover the beautiful you with a unique range of skin and hair care products from Lara & Daughters. The must have products in every household, to make your day happy and beautiful. Once you choose to use the best range of our products, you will definitely recommend your informed choices to family and friends. The exciting new range of hair care lotions, styling serum and shampoo will leave you pampered with new look. India’s first-time double benefit shampoo will be the best to use as shampoo and conditioner that leaves your hair deeply nourished, controls hair fall and conditions the hair, you will thank us after every use, as no separate conditioner is required. Be it winter or summer you hair will be nourished and trend setting to give a stellar and glorious hair locks.

YouEss – Skin Care Products :

The skin care products is again a highlight in your vanity bag with the two fold benefit of skin whitening and sun shield day cream with SPF. The Night cream works wonders on the skin to even out a flawless fair and glowing face. The skin whitening face wash is a worth with every use to make you look young and bright. Always worried to venture out in sun, the YouEss Sun tan remover is instant easy rinse off solution for all the sun-tanned skin. Experience a polished and white glow using the skin whitening body lotion.